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80% Students Secured 75% to 90% Malrks in All Boards Result :100%

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The Best Case Study Material Provide our registered students



The Institute Clear Concept was established on 27th June 1994, the day which also points to the Birthday of its founder Director Shyamakant Jha, a Journalist, Since 1987 & presently the Editor of National Fame Hindi News Magazine 'LOK PRASANG' published from Patna. Mr. Jha started its functioning at Shrikrishna Puri (Boring Road) locality in the state capital, Patna with only 4 students of Bihar Board X and 2 students of CBSE-X. Four of the student's secured first-class (more than 80%) although they were of average category prior to coming to this institute.

The next two years result also to its excellence & this way the institute becomes famous. These brilliant results showed a bright path and future for the institute and since then Success and Excellence Become the Part of Our Performance. The total number of students successfully coached by us during the first 20 years since 1994 crossed the magic figure of 10,000 which is the living proof of our credibility and excellent sort of classroom guidance through expert, experienced & dedicated teachers. The latest result is splendid again. The year 2020 is our 26th year of Dedicated Guidance with Complete Success & Excellence.


  • Well, discipline and well secure co-educational educational academy environment supervision by a closed-circuit television camera.
  • Student- to- student individual care & attention. Special attention for weak/dull students.
  • AC classrooms for comfort and cool classing.
  • Leisure free regular classes with a 5-minute break in between. stand by arrangements for casualty-oriented absence of teacher except unavoidable circumstances.
  • Compulsory monthly performance Appraisal test(PAT). Evaluated answer-sheets of the PATs
  • along with the question papers are sent to the parents/guardians for their signature and remarks duly signed by its director. This, later on, is supposed to return for our record.
  • Quarterly, half-yearly & session end mock (sample) Test.
  • Find a system for those who avoid appearing at PATs.
  • Parent management meets once a month for the mutual exchange of ideas regarding student's progress. If necessary, the meet can be organized in between too.


A complete handwritten/ computerized package of study materials (C' notes) of all subjects prepared by our expert Teachers of respective curriculum.

Guess questions will be provide well before the annul examination. Charge for the photocopy of the C' Notes will be taken extra.


Mostly, well experienced school & college teachers along with competition oriented youths (male/female both) and part time technocrats ( II Tisns & NI Tians), Bureaucrats, professionals and UPSC aspirants, You can know details while enquiry.


Based on Syllabus of respective curriculum. Emphasis is laid on enhancement of knowledge and latest keep up with current trend of Board Examination orientation. We Followed NCERT and Reputed Publishers Books.




In order to manage the whole coaching activities. we charge a fixed amount in terms of fee for complete course {differs course-wise and subject to market-trend}. details of these fees available in the separate sheet you can ask for {fee one paid is neither refundable nor adjustable under any circumstances} for maintaining strict academic discipline. we also charge certain fines time-to-time if it becomes essential somehow or the other. Viz: Absent fines (Rs 50/- per day) delay fine(10/-per 10 minutes). PAT avoidant fine (Rs 300/-for each PAT). Late fee deposit fine (2% per day of the fee amounts till 10 days. After then re-admission fee will be charged along with total fine till date. In case of the Institute's loss (damage of furniture and other Goods) caused by students a damage fine will be charged which will we recovered either individually or in a combined manner depending upon the situations. parent/guardian will have to give an undertaking on behalf of his/her ward as a discipline of the institution & behave of the student is concerned.

Indiscipline and other sorts of misconduct inside the premises is a matter of concern for institute management. In that case, the student can be ousted even before a warning if it becomes urgent and needs of the hour. Usually. we inform parents before taking action.Legal declaration: Patna will be the only Adjudication for any dispute


Every Thursday (evening & morning shifts). registration for admission in any batch must be completed two days earlier of the commencement of the required batch) Registration means deposition of compulsory institutional fee Rs.1100/-


We provide scholarships for meritorious students. the prize for improving and incentives (10% to 50% free ship depending upon the candidate) for economically backward students.


We provide tried. tested HOME TUTORS in CONCEPT Home Tuition for all classes & curriculums {Std. I to XII & Higher classes}. details of home tuition service can be had to form the institute office.

We also arrange Hostel or Conveyance for distant students

separate & suitable boy & girls' hostel (good meshed) for out of station students. more than 100 satisfied Hostelers every session.


Of course. we give guarantee for 2(two) things you deserve against your hard-earned money i.e. the fee amount.

(i) Guarantee for Course Completion: We will complete your ward's course as per the prescribed syllabus within the perfixed course duration positively.

(ii) Guarantee For Improvement: We Can give you guaranteed improvement. minimum improvement guarantee from our feed-back is 40% of the present lived. that is, if the present merit level of your ward is 50% then we can improve it up to 70% and if it is already 60% then be can improve it up to 84% and likewise. If your ward is at 70% and plus we can improve him/her to 90% plus. if a similar vigorous effort is mode form parent/guardian side too. the improvement might be even more than this.

To know the present merit level of your child. he/she will have to undergo the Present Eligibility Test (PET) which will be conducted either the same day or a day after the admission formality is completed Subject To the Condition That He/She Already Paid The Institutional Fees Thereof. Parent/Guardian must be of the opinion that professionally provides facility never comes is free.

If the student's merit-level is less than 30% the parents/guardian will be asked for extra expense as his/her improvement will be a time-taking and expensive process. It must be noted that for seeking these two guarantees the parent/guardian must fulfill the following 3 genuine conditions on behalf of their wards...

(1) Attendance: The student must attend coaching classes regularly. At least 97% attendance is a must.

(2) Promptness: the student must reach in the classroom at the right time. that he/she must be punched.

(3) mobile must be in silent mode: Parents must ensure that their ward will not use mobile phones in the classroom. It should be in silent mode. if any urgency parents must call in institutes contact number 061122540662,9431158313. we will call their ward outside the classroom and arrange a call with the parent concerned.

(4) Pat Appearance must: the student must appear at the performance Appraisal test (PAT) Which is conducted usually weekly/fortnightly (subjectwise).

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